Heartfelt Start to 2013 Race With Grace

Board members of the Mary Grace Memorial Foundation selected grant recipient Jackie Zavodney and her children Tristan (11) and Shawn (9) to sound the horn that released runners and walkers "out of the gate" on last year's (2013) Race With Grace. 

Jackie is a very special person connected to MGMF. In 2011 she was diagnosed with cancer. Up until then, she was generally carefree about her health and financial situation. Sadly, the effects of the disease, combined with chemotherapy, limited her ability to work full-time, or to pursue opportunities to supplement her income. With bills piling up, her children in school, winter on the way, and another surgery looming, Jackie decided it was time to contact the MGMF for help. She submitted a grant application and explained, "Until my diagnosis I never worried about my health or my finances. Since then, things have spiraled downhill." 

The MGMF was able to help Jackie and her family with two grants, which covered four rent payments in 2011 and 2012. In one of her grant applications, Jackie wrote, "I realize there are so many women out there in my situation. I was truly blessed to have Mary Grace help my family through a very rough patch. Thank you from all of us ... very sincerely." 

The MGMF cannot help people like Jackie without the support of every single runner and walker who participates in Race With Grace, and the support of all those who donate their time, talent and financial resources to keep the foundation rolling. So we'd like to extend Jackie's note of THANKS to all of those who have so generously helped us fullfill our mission of helping cancer patients and their families. 

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IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Jackie and her family have been in close contact with the MGMF board members since crossing paths with the organization in 2011. We are thrilled and so happy to report that Jackie is doing very well! She recently had her two-year check up and was given a "thumbs up" from her doctors. She is started a new full-time job, which she loves. He children are also doing well and they are living a normal life again...something she never would have dreamed possible a year ago.
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